Omnichannel Intelligence Reimagined

See exactly what your customers see when they open their laptop or mobile device

Benchmark your brand’s performance vs. key competitors

Uncover your competitors’ digital tactics across a variety of channels - email, search, social, display and more

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As your one-stop-shop for omnichannel intelligence, PERxCEPT provides a comprehensive view of the digital landscape 


PERxCEPT benchmarks your brand’s digital performance directly to key in-market competitors, enabling you to truly understand what success looks like in your market

Ad Targeting

PERxCEPT tracks the browsing behavior of your target HCPs, so that you can better optimize your digital strategy by prioritizing the websites they are most active on 

Competitive Intelligence

This next-generation tool provides unprecedented views into your competitors’ digital tactics, so you always know:

WHAT digital content your competitors are placing on the web

WHERE your competitors are placing digital content

WHEN competitor content is reaching your customers

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